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The other day I received an email from a trusted friend with the Subject: Thank You For Your Time.

I liked the message so much that I printed out a copy to give to someone I really care about after she called me out of the blue after a two year absence.  Six weeks went by before she dropped by but I forgot to give her the Thank You For Your Time story. LSS (long story short), I haven’t heard from her again since the surprise visit which was about six weeks ago. I guess she has better things to do with her time.

I’m not sure if the story would have made a difference in our relationship but maybe it can help you. I’ll include a link to download it if you like ’cause it is kind of long to post on a blog.

Well, the holiday season is here and call me scrooge but I find the Christmas season repugnant in many ways. It has become an orgy of commercialism with the television newscasters giving daily reports on whether retailer’s sales are up from last season – or not. It feels like they are trying to make you feel guilty if you don’t rush out and spend a lot of money.

There is a lot of family and peer pressure to become part of the madness, but, you may realize by now that I make my own decisions on what is or is not relevant to my life.

My suggestion is this: if you give one gift this season I hope you’ll ignore the commercials and yammering heads and make it a genuine gift with some “heart” in it.

Find someone who has nobody or someone who wants to spend time with you and give them the gift of your time. Not “party-time” but genuine, honest one-to-one time where you actually share something of value in your words and deeds. If there is no way you can actually be there with someone write them a poem or long letter from the heart.

I’m not so good at this idea but when I drive my tenant’s son to school I take the drive time to tell him things nobody bothered to tell me when I was nine. They didn’t realize that without a mentor a kid is flying blind and prone to make all the same old mistakes his elders made. I speak to him like he is an adult learning a foreign language.

For example, I asked him this morning: OK, what do you plan to do when you grow up? He told me he “really didn’t care…just get a job, I guess“. So, I discussed the realities of jobs and how you can settle for a menial, “J.O.B.” job or shoot for a “profession” that pays well. But, then I said he should begin to consider other alternatives to getting a “job”. He was dumbfounded as I would have been at his age. So, I asked him to check with his teachers and do some research. We’ll see.

All the best this holiday season!

Scrooge ;-)

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There Is No Place Like Here

I drive a Mini Cooper S and adore the car. Of course, it will only hold my Collie, Jenna, and an overnight bag or two.

Until about a year ago it seemed every Mini driver I passed would flash their lights or wave. Now, it seems Mini’s are everywhere and you don’t get the waves so much.

OK, BMW, here’s where to send my check…

Every morning, rain or shine…or snow for that matter, I get up before dawn and drive my Mini to the Wiscasset harbor’s dock along the Sheepscot River. I park and enjoy a cup of coffee while I watch the ducks and seagulls and the local lobstermen going about their business. They are pretty much in the same business.

This is a tranquil time of day for me when I read, meditate if no one is around or write. By the time I’ve finished my dockside breakfast I’m usually all charged up and ready to tackle the day.

This morning, I glanced up at the sun visor and noticed an official looking sticker. I thought it might be one of those annoying warning stickers like “Don’t drive like a maniac or you’ll have the risk of crashing and burning”.

But, the message was far more profound and useful. It said:

“There is no place like here”. And, that my friend, is a metaphor for how to live life.

I’ve lived all over the country including St Louis, Memphis, San Diego, Ohio, Vermont, New York (both NYC and state), Atlanta, Vermont and Maine. But, I’ve visited many other states. I tried and mostly succeeded in finding the nectar in every place I’ve lived. I always find the joy in my environs wherever they may be. But, living this way takes a certain “knack”.

For one thing, I try not to dwell in the past. My attention is always on what’s good about where I am now. When you permit your mind to become mired in the misery you’ve experienced in the past your past pollutes your present and destroys your chance at happiness in the future.

The other idea I’ve learned is not to complain and wallow in misery. If my circumstances are not working out I make every attempt to find out what I have the power to change…and change it. If there are circumstances or an environment that is not working out for me I move or change myself by adapting.

For example, if you are under educated and unskilled and living in Maine your choices are very limited as far as making a living. But, I’ve seen Mainers who have adapted by going into lobstering, lumbering, hunting/fishing Maine guide, or even getting into some aspect of the tourism business.

My goal has always been to create a passive income that takes my physical location out of the picture. There are only a few ways to do this:

Have a job that is in such demand you can pretty much walk in and get hired in nearly any state of the Union. I met a girl who was a physical therapist. She was relatively young and obviously affluent as she was spending a small fortune shopping at LL Bean, the outfitter in Freeport, Maine. Then, she told me she pretty much only worked seven or eight months a year and could work anywhere. With her experience and specialized training she could walk into almost any hospital and get hired anywhere in the country.

Of course, the ideal way to cut the strings is to invest wisely and live anywhere you wish on the dividends and interest of your investments. Not so easy…

Even better, is collecting royalties as an author or inventor. But, my favorite is setting up a little Internet business in a niche market and pay someone else to manage it. With this model you can take your laptop to a coffee house in Rome and check on your business while enjoying sales 24/7.

You may want to see how this works for me. Click Internet Business Income.

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Children and Texting…Far More Destructive Than You Think

Warning to Parents - The Dangers of Texting

Dangers To Children of Texting

Texting seems harmless enough, right? And, no doubt your child will tell you that everybody does it and she’d be right. But texting is one of the most dangerous pastimes that parents condone and it can easily be fatal. Here’s why.
· Texting while driving increases the risk that your teenage driver will have an accident by twenty-three times. Teenage drivers are already far more likely to cause or be involved in an accident due to inexperience and risky driving habits (like speeding, drinking while driving and being distracted). Teenagers are at that age where they feel totally invulnerable; in fact, most teenagers have no concept of mortality. If you permit them to drive with a cell phone they will text putting them at more than 23 times the risk of just driving.
· Texting and “sexting” late at night has been found to be a major factor in children who are quickly becoming insomniacs. These are the children who complain of always being tired and never being able to get enough sleep. In the study, only those children whose insomnia resulted in poor performance at school were studied. It was found that these children sent dozens of text messages, played video games, called their friends and wrote emails late into the night. The researchers found that they sent an average of 33.5 texts or emails after their supposed bedtimes. Poor sleep is firmly linked to health problems, poor memory, poor attention span, learning dysfunction as well as social and emotional problems. Children who don’t get sufficient rest are also prone to be moody and irritable and far less likely to respond to parents in a positive way.
· Sexting. Teenagers are always seeking attention especially among their peers so it is becoming common for teenage girls (and some guys) to send sexy, naked pictures of themselves on their cell phone without any understanding of the possible consequences. One posting of a naked teenager’s body on YouTube along with the derogatory comments that are likely to come with it can destroy your teenager’s life and even lead to suicide.

Solution: Duh, it is pretty simple really; to prevent your child from texting at school and while driving take away their cell phone. If you must confiscate their cell phone and lock the computer to prevent children from using it past their bedtime.

Believe it or not children grew up fine without cell phones prior to the 1990′s after which cell phone use became more common. In one family I worked with the mother permitted her child to play video games and visit websites all night. She seemed to be clueless why her teenager wouldn’t get up in the morning and complained that he was too tired to do anything that she asked him to do. My advice was to take away his computer, his X-box and his cell phone until he learned how to behave responsibly and respectfully. Parents need to set ground rules in their home. When your child is paying the mortgage on your house, doing the cooking and housework and pulling straight A’s – well that’s the time to lighten up.


Hyperinflation? Mired In The Status Quo

Porter Stansbury just posted a video warning of the coming collapse of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. This is one of those predictions that is so probable that anyone with common sense and a rudimentary knowledge of money and history would see it. And, to be frank about it, many down-to-earth, hard-working people here in Maine seem to recognize that the bleep is about to hit the fan. Though, I’ve yet to find a local who can explain why they believe life in the United States as we’ve known it is about to change drastically for the worse.

(You can watch his video here.) Understand, that this is a content rich sales video. Stansbury’s goal is to sign you up for a subscription to his newsletter. But, I recommend you don’t throw out the message behind the sales intent just because he’s trying to sell you something.

One of the ideas that he mentioned was a word or phrase that described the reluctance of a person or population (like the Jewish population in pre-war Germany) to perceive and act on obvious threats to their way of life. I don’t feel like watching the video again to pick out the word…so, if you watch it would you let me know? Anyway, I find the concept (the word) he mentioned fascinating.

It all ties into the work of best selling author and researcher Robert Cialdini (Influence, The Power of Persuasion). People have a built-in “herd” instinct that prevents them from making independent decisions when those decisions obviously go against the prevalent view. This is the reason average investors do the exact opposite of the key principle of investing: buy low (when everyone shuns the investment) and sell high (when everyone else is buying).

Today, the media including publications like Fortune magazine are just propagandists for the government. Their job is akin to someone telling you that you need to turn off a light to conserve energy….meanwhile, your house is burning down. They distract the public by harping on inconsequential advice that is the exact opposite of what a sane investor should be doing. The investment gurus or talking heads get you worrying about which municipal bond pays more interest while the currency itself self destructs.

Unfortunately, I predict that 95% of the people of the United States will be “blind-sided” when our economy collapses and the almighty dollar becomes about as valuable as a sheet of toilet paper. Think about it…the government doesn’t want counterfeiters to print our money because it would:

a) provide the counterfeiter with unearned gains and

b) because too many counterfeit bills in circulation will devalue the rest of the currency until no one would have the trust to accept the U.S. dollar.

But, here’s the thing; we don’t have to worry about counterfeiters printing too many fake bills because the Federal Reserve is printing trillions of “real” dollars backed by absolutely nothing but the cost of the ink and paper – and dumping them into the economy in the form of bailouts and entitlement programs.

So, I don’t know about you but I’m liquidating everything (anyone want to buy a nice old cape in the “Prettiest Village in Maine”)? Call me if you want to own a 2-3 bedroom home on a private 1.7 acre lot with stone walls and a pond and 70 acre forest along one border.

Just so you know, I’m accepting gold or property in Belize, Costa Rica or Argentina.

Make good decisions and don’t be afraid of independent thinking. Dave 866-375-6941


My Refrigator’s Favorite Posting

People are often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered. Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives. Be kind anyway.
If you are successful, you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies. Succeed anyway.
If you are honest and sincere people may deceive you. Be honest and sincere anyway.
What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight. Create anyway.
If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous. Be happy anyway.
The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway.
Give the best you have, and it will never be enough. Give your best anyway.
In the final analysis, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.

-this version is credited to Mother Teresa

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Your Shortcut to Internet Success

I’ve been pondering what it really takes to knock the ball out of the Internet to bring in million dollar profits. As much as I hate to admit it most people need to invest cold, hard cash correctly and wisely to have a chance of major success.

When you get right down to it your Internet business will succeed or fail based on just a few factors:

  • Do you have a quality product that people really want with more than adequate profit margins?
  • Can you get people who are most disposed to buy your product to visit your website and place an order? In other words, do you have tons of qualified traffic visiting your website every day?

Now, the lazy man’s way is to find a very popular affiliate product in a niche market and promote it. But, the way most affiliates operate is to drive traffic to the affiliate’s website.

I see a few drawbacks to this approach:

  • No matter what you do you’ll never be able to get free traffic from organic rankings in Google and other search engines. So, you’ll never build up any “equity” in your business as all your efforts just build links to the product owner’s site.
  • As an affiliate you are competing against hundreds and possibly even thousands of cutthroat affiliates who may have more money, better marketing and more experience than you do. It is an uphill battle.
  • You’ll never build up your own subscriber list so you’ll never actually have a business, a brand or anything valuable you can pass along to your heirs (or sell).

My recommendation is to purchase a top level (.com) domain name that includes the keywords of your chosen niche. I recommend loading your site with content (I’m talking 25 or more good articles) on every aspect of your niche market to cover every high converting keyword phrase. Then, choose your affiliate product and write a review of the top three competitors. Actually buy each product and actually review it (not sell it).

  • Put your affiliate link into your review as a primary keyword like retirement income.
  • Pay an expert to do SEO on your website so that it will dominate the first page of Google and other search engines.

The only drawback here is that you give up 50% (sometimes less) of your income to the owner of the affiliate product. So, you must be absolutely sure there is enough money in each sale to justify your efforts. If your commission is just $10 or $15 you’ll probably fail miserably.

Or, better yet purchase one of my domains for $10,000 and I’ll include 100 articles for your site covering every worthwhile keyword phrase and you’ll also receive intensive SEO that will give your site the best chance of dominating the upper reaches of Google for twenty to 100 keyword phrases. The SEO work my firm does for you is intensive and time-consuming but, it gets the job done!

All you need then is an excellent product that you own or can buy wholesale and a nifty website design. We can provide the site design for $500 additional once you have found your product.

What will you end up with?

You’ll actually have achieved the Internet dream with income flowing in 24/7. Your site will dominate Google and your “brand” will have the possibility of becoming a recognized name. You’ll  be able to build a massive subscriber list giving you the power to make sales on-demand. You’ll actually have a business with tangible value and long-term sticking power.

So, you can continue to buy cheap $77 magic marketing “solutions” that are making some Internet guru wealthy at your expense OR, you can invest in a real business that can give you a six figure potential income out of the box.

Right now I have several very valuable domain names available. Each one is available for $10,000 and includes the articles and intensive SEO work for six months. After that, if you prefer to remain at the top of the rankings you can continue month-to-month @ $500 per month. You will see the kind of results you seek within 90 days and your site will be dominating the search engines easily within six months.

First Come First Served:

Call 866-375-6941

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Time & Focus, The Key To Everything

My sister and I were discussing time and not ever having enough of it. I believe that how you spend your time is a predisposition or mindset and many people complain of not having enough time to do what they want. I see guys selling their Harleys and snowmobiles in the classifieds with the comment “no time to ride”.

To me that’s BS but, it is true a lot of people get caught up in a lot of mindless activity like texting and posting stuff on Facebook, yammering on the phone or watching TV shows. I waste time just going to the grocery store three times a week when I could just buy a lot of groceries once or twice a month.

An author who grew up as a poor orphan, Dr. Wayne Dyer, became a millionaire simply by committing his time and intending to succeed. He writes about forcing himself to get up at 5 AM for one year to write one of his books even though, like everyone else, he had a day job and family responsibilities. He made the time and backed up his intention to be successful by taking the action. Few people would get up at 5 AM to work just on the chance they could write a successful book.

I’ve found that my so-called work activities expand to fill up the time I’ve allotted to them. When I worked a day job the only time I had was early in the morning before commuting to work and late at night. But, I got the job done in just a few hours because I prioritized my tasks.

Now that I’m semi-retired I’m finding it somewhat difficult to make clear cut progress. Some days seem to leak away with diversionary activities like walking the dog or making tea.

Nevertheless, I’ve become involved with a business where the owner who is training me, hardly ever has to work yet he earns over $50,000 to $100,000 a month (or more).

I bought his course and it is one of the few “make money” courses that I’ve purchased that I feel are worth way more than the selling price. So, I’m focusing 100% on duplicating his business. I figure that I’ll eventually have both more time and more money.

I have sufficient information to train anyone in this business. So, in a way, anyone who wants to succeed can succeed. Focus and time. Use both like levers and you can move the earth. Dave

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The Danger of Dogmatic Thinking

The Danger of Dogmatic Thinking

By David Davies

Over the course of my lifetime I’ve done a lot of thinking. I’ve never been willing to accept dogma for dogma’s sake. I’ve been a staunch individualist never blindly accepting answers from authority figures whether they come from the preachers at church, the leaders of government, the teachers at school or from my parents. For some reason that I’m not privy to I’ve always felt the answers lie within, not in someone else’s grand ideology.

So, before we get started on this mind-blowing investigation into the elements of Spiritual Power allow me to give you a word of advice. First of all, keep in mind that I am not a guru. Please, don’t be tempted to turn the information in this book into “cult truth”.  Take the information that is presented as food for thought. Then, seek further enlightenment by going within yourself. All the answers lie within you.

Let me go a step further. You may be the type of person who “locks-into” a belief system based on faith, scientific methodology, or based on nothing more substantial than “that’s the way you were brought up”. You may have a “closed belief system” that is intolerant of exceptions that contradict your internal dogma. Here is what I’ve come to believe:

Intolerant and dogmatic thinking is perhaps the greatest threat facing mankind today.

Whether it was the ruthless fanaticism of early Communists like Joseph Stalin or the intolerance of fundamentalist, Bible toting Christians or the doctrine of hatred of the infidel espoused by militant Muslim extremists the results have been devastating to millions of people.

The results can be seen in the actions of suicide bombers and acts of terrorism including attacks on abortion clinics and the on-going strife between Arabs and Jews just to name a few examples.

You may question why this is a problem. If a belief is right isn’t everyone else simply wrong? When one believes in an absolute truth than is it not required to change everyone who doesn’t “believe” and force them to accept your truth?

I would have to say “NO” based on our evolving knowledge of the Universe. The answer lies in new revelations about how the Universe functions that makes dogmatic, uncompromising thinking and beliefs obsolete.  Here’s why:

  • What you believe “is”.
  • What you think “is”.
  • Or, as Henry Ford once said “Whatever you think you can or can’t do, you’re right”.

Research in quantum physics that determines the behavior of the smallest units of energy imaginable has discovered that the very act of observation alters the nature of that being observed. Even the expectation of what you’ll observe can influence what you see and how you perceive it.

Are you beginning to see the fallacy of locked-in dogmatic thinking? Your beliefs alter your perceived reality. You are the creator of your reality.  Just as your enemy holds different beliefs his reality differs from yours. The Field responds by creating his reality to match his beliefs. You are both right. Whatever you choose to believe will manifest. If you are a Hitler and believe an ideology of hatred towards the Jews that belief can corrupt an entire society. If you are Jewish and subscribe to the belief that the Jews are the chosen ones of God and that they are somehow different and special this attitude will manifest in all who so believe. The Field accommodates both perspectives without bias.

Scientists are just as vulnerable to the illusion of “Ultimate Truth”. In the 1600′s Sir Isaac Newton was a scientist on a par with Einstein of the 21st century. Newton declared that there were basic laws of nature. He then enumerated those laws that he formulated. His word was accepted as gospel truth.

Another scientist and mathematician, Christiaan Huygens, was the first to develop a mathematical description of light way back in the 1600′s. He devised the wave theory of light that states that light emanates out from its source in a 360 degree wave pattern. You can compare it to the result of dropping a pebble in a still pond. The primary difference being that light radiates out in all directions, not just in a single plane.

Huygen’s theory and mathematical equations in support of his theory were accepted at the time because they correlated so well with observations in nature. But, along came Sir Isaac Newton whose later experiments showed that light was not like a wave at all. He “proved” that light was particulate in nature. His theory was called the “corpuscular theory of light”. Because of his stature as the predominant scientist of his day Newton’s particulate theory of light was universally accepted and Huygen’s theory was discarded.

Yet, today, we find that light is unique and has properties that defy our parochial understanding of reality. Light behaves like a particle when the observer expects it to behave like a particle. Light behaves like an energy wave when the observer expects it to behave like a wave. Both scientists were right and both were wrong.

With that said please keep an open mind. Suspend judgment and always remember dogmatic belief is the enemy of Knowledge. The two cannot coexist.

One further piece of unsolicited advice is offered for you to consider:

Skeptics and critics are a dime a dozen. When you threaten someone else’s entrenched belief system you can get some very nasty reactions. Some people that you thought were your friend may suddenly disavow any relationship with you until you “come to your senses”. Family members may ridicule and scoff at your “newfangled” notions of reality.  Some people will quote bizarre passages of the Bible to prove that your thoughts are the work of the devil.

Consider this; Never in the history of the world has a skeptic, critic or a doomsayer invented anything worthwhile, discovered a new continent or taken any chances that are the definition of fully living. IGNORE THEM!

Consider this information and act on it. It will take focus and practice but in the end you will find your life transformed to the exact height that you dared to allow your imagination to soar. Good luck!

About the Author

Mr. Davies is a Life Coach specializing in manifestation training for anyone seeking to reinvent their life. He is the author of nine books including his latest (soon to be published) book, Spiritual Power. For more information visit his web site at or call 866-375-6941.


Artists Wanted…Thoughts on Creating Your Life

I’m seeking stories from people who have manifested their goals and created their ideal life, or at least a part of it. If your story is accepted and verified it could be included in my upcoming book, Spiritual Power.

If you are interested in having your story published call me at 866-375-6941 or send email to

Spiritual Power




Chapter 1:    Life’s Ironic Paradox

Chapter 2:    What You Believe

Chapter 3:    Boot Camp For Souls

Chapter 4:    Time

Chapter 5:    Ask And You Shall Receive

Chapter 6:    Ego Addiction

Chapter 7:    Congruence

Chapter 8:    The Nature of Power

Chapter 9:    Intention Deficit Disorder

Chapter 10:   The Power of Thought

Chapter 11:   Myths and Illusions – The Power of Belief

Chapter 12:   Remembering The Future

Chapter 13:   Resonance

Chapter 14:   The Law of Compensation

Chapter 15:   Manifestation

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