John N. Cole – Life List

I enjoy watching birds but I’m not a “birder” like my sister Susan. But, last week my SM (not sado machochist) brought me a copy of her favorite book, Life List, Remembering the Birds of My Years. It was signed by the author along with a personal message.

The story of how she met John Cole is funny and poignant, but that’s for her to tell if she chooses.

As my SM left a night early to fly to Phoenix before the approaching snow storm all I was left with was

Life List

. The late John Cole writes like fluent poetry evoking emotions and vivid images of the scenes and birds of his life. Anytime that you feel out-of-sorts and not connected to anything real I urge you to pick up a copy of this book and settle in for a cup of tea and a good read. I won’t spoil it by saying more.

All The Best
Dave D.

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On Loneliness

Today, I received a “friend” invitation via Facebook from a young mom whose name I didn’t recognize…but, I recognized the name of her baby daughter. I think I’m her great uncle or something.

It seems my new friend, who I’ve never met but is related by pregnancy with my nephew, is lonely despite having some 293 “friends” on Facebook. I think that is a sign of the times.

People in America today are alienated, fearful and lonely. They seek to connect through constant distraction of social media posts that are too short to be very meaningful – (who actually cares that you pulled a tick off your cat)?

Twitter is the worse offender….meaningless tweets about little or nothing and now Google is sniffing the tweets and “writings on the Wall of Facebook and no doubt other social sites to see if they can grab the “buzz”…whatever that is.

Of course, some smart guy will come along with a way to generate an avalanche of tweets about some obscure author and their even more obscure book. Then, Google will buy into the buzz and suddenly, the buzzee will acquire a high page rank and fifteen minutes of fame. OMG!

Believe it or not, I got my first cell phone and actually used it yesterday. My partner told me I would become a texting fool if I could get my thumbs adjusted to the miniscule keyboard.

I did send a text of a few letters but I think I’m likely to send a bunch of garbled letters with the occasional space to a few people. Then, I’ll sit back while they try to decipher the deeper meaning of my texting. Kind of like how people waste time trying to interpret a painting by Jackson Pollack. Maybe, I’ll enlist one of my young nephews or nieces to help me decipher the secret texting code of teens and then publish a tell all code breaker book for parents. LOL!

I rarely get calls except the occasional business call and, not ever having a cell phone in the past has allowed me to carrying on deep conversations without being interrupted by someone calling my cell phone. Of course, whomever I’m conversing with generally gets two or three calls during any conversation so that the thread of the conversation gets lost. I find that people who can’t turn off their cell phone for even a few minutes of soulful conversation are symptomatic of the age. Very depressing as well as frustrating.

I guess I’m recalling the time I dated a gorgeous young woman many years ago before cell phones. She had just finished getting me a beer and sat down to chat when the old home phone rang.

She went into another room to talk…and, after fifteen minutes I quietly slipped out the front door never to return again.

It is like when you walk into an auto parts store and you wait and wait to get the clerk to help…when, the phone rings and the clerk embarks on helping the caller while your frustration level builds. I walk out on those people and stores as well.

My philosophy is that when you are face to face speaking with someone they should be the most important person in the world until the conversation is complete. A person who is with you should always take precedence over someone calling your cell phone unless it is a dire emergency. It is just plain old fashioned civility. No wonder people are lonely today…they don’t know how to appreciate the people that are right in front of them.

Constant Yakking

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Profound Insight Heard on Television

Yeah, I know, I rarely watch television so when I heard a profound insight on a History of Marijuana show on…you guessed it, the history channel, I wanted to repeat it. That’s quite an oxymoron – profound insight on television.

They were interviewing this guy (I wasn’t paying that much attention) about the escalating crackdown by the United States government on marijuana beginning in the late 1930′s (believe it or not) and culminating in “The War on Drugs” initiated by Nixon.

Rather than keep you in suspense the guy remarked that “Every time our government decrees a war on something it multiplies”. But, this guy’s punch line was even better! He said: “Why can’t they declare a War on Hot Chicks? Then we’d have eight or nine hot chicks on every street corner out looking for guys like me”.

The idea is profound and, from my observations accurate though the part about hot chicks is maybe doubtful.
Of course, I need to qualify my observation by saying that virtually anything the government does spirals out of control. I don’t have a double blind study to show that it is only the decrees of “War on something” that blow up in our face.

While the crackdown on a non-existent problem, marijuana use, began way back in 1937 with an absurd law taxing marijuana growers, the phrase “War on Drugs” was first used by President Richard Nixon on June 17, 1971 according to Wikipedia.

As I said, the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act was an absurdity on its face. For details visit Wikipedia

Marijuana use and cultivation in the United States had been declining when the law was passed. Soon after passage of the law both cultivation and usage escalated. Physicians who had already recognized marijuana’s therapeutic uses found themselves between a rock and a hard place. Their protests were ignored.

I believe the physics of the Universe applies here. After all isn’t there some kind of law that for every force there is an equal an opposite force”? We’ve seen it happen too often to ignore.

The war on alcohol consumption in the 1920′s, prohibition, back fired. Bootleggers, (I actually knew one), built fortunes on smuggling and hated to see prohibition end. Use of alcohol increased sharply during Prohibition.

I’m sure if the government banned cigarette sales usage would stop declining and illegal sales would soar. Of course, that kind of move would guarantee that our jails remain over-crowded and that we continue to hold the world record for incarcerating our citizens.

According to Wikipedia (again): The United States has the highest documented incarceration rate in the world. The U.S. incarceration rate on June 30, 2009 was 748 inmates per 100,000 U.S. residents, or 0.75%.[5] The USA also has the highest total documented prison and jail population in the world. Talk about an oxymoron: free country, the United States. The United States is rapidly becoming one of the most hypocritical and intrusive places to live joining the very countries we most fear.

Getting back to my theory that making war on anything virtually always backfires causing the “so-called” problem to escalate.
Take our War on Terrorism; ask yourself has terrorism leveled off or declined? Have we made a lasting impact in Iraq, a country that has suffered from tribal and religious hatred for generations?
How about our prolonged and fruitless exploits in Afghanistan?

The more attention we give to the taliban the stronger they get. Unbelievably, not so long ago our government actually supported them in our vast diplomatic wisdom.

Anytime you impose your beliefs and value system on another culture you will get resistance; today, that resistance comes in the form of terrorism.

OK, what about the government’s efforts to overhaul our “health system”. Considering that big health industry lobbyists have caused the problem of poor and extremely expensive health care in the United States it is just plain naive to believe the government is capable of fixing it. Our politicians were bought and paid for decades ago. Most of our politicians are just prostitutes to whatever lobby has the most money. Exception: Rand Paul and his dad Ron.

My solution? Boycott all pharmaceuticals (don’t take drugs). Decide that your health is 100% your responsibility and stop letting the health industry and drug-pushing doctors control your health. Ninety percent of good health is self-discipline. Eat home grown or locally grown vegetables, boycott junk foods and junk food restaurants like McDonalds. Get more rest and more exercise, eat less and begin meditating twice a day. Get off your ass and do something to help other people. If you do have a health issue check out sources of information about alternative and natural remedies.

You might want to read David Hawkins excellent book Power vs Force. As you read his book you’ll begin to understand why passive protesters prevailed in Egypt while violent protesters in Libya are getting crushed. You’ll understand that anytime our government tries to force the people to follow government decrees the people will resist.

Unfortunately, most Americans have relinquished responsibility for their lives and turned it over to the BS promises of a bankrupt and hypocritical government. It is time to Speak Out America!

Talk to you later…
Dave D.

Speak Out America

Speak Out America

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Drip Water Torture

Lately, they’ve begun running yet another legal drug commercial on the TV. This one is about a little pill to relieve the pain of Fibromyalgia.

The actor moped around with a sorrowful expression on her face and then, in the next segment, she’s all cheerful an d energetic. That was followed by a seemingly endless litany of side effects.

I’ve edited out the name of the “medication” in the commercial:
Cxxxxxta is associated with numerous possible side effects. Those that you should report to your doctor right away include:

* Allergic reactions (rash, itching or hives, swelling of the face, lips or tongue)
* Blood pressure changes
* Confusion
* Dizziness and/or loss of balance
* Fast talking, excited feelings, or out-of-control actions
* Rapid, irregular heartbeat
* Fever
* Hallucinations or loss of contact with reality
* Seizures
* Diarrhea, vomiting
* Suicidal thoughts or other mood changes
* Dark urine
* Unusual bleeding or bruising

Side effects of C…..a that don’t usually require medical attention include:

* Blurred vision
* Appetite changes
* Changes in sex drive or performance
* Headache
* Increased sweating
* Nausea
Gee, sounds good to me! Especially the part about changes in sex drive and/or performance. I hope it means it gets even better! You think?

I scoffed. It’s a week later and I’ve been exhausted for the entire week. Worse, my shoulder, neck, back and arms feel like they’re inflamed and just too weak to engage in many regular activities. And, no, it’s not the flu. Other than feeling like a truck ran over me leaving me feeling exhausted and in constant pain, I’m fine. My appetite is good, my lungs are clear with no congestion and my digestion is right up to par.

Is it possible that watching television commercials put on by drug companies (legal pushers) has affected my subconscious?

Is it possible that while I recline in my Lazyboy recliner

Dave busy meditating

my mind is being programmed with thoughts of illness. After all, I noticed that during prime time 7 out of 10 commercials were hawking some kind of pill or other. America is the addict nation. We are hooked on drugs both legal and illegal.

Rather than rush right out to my legal pill pusher physician to ask for a prescription I made a list of causes and options to get rid of my pain.

First, it occurred to me that I’d been spending 10 to 12 hours a day in an uncomfortable chair in front of my computer launching a new business. So, instead I got away from the computer and just wrote on a yellow pad or dictated my thoughts.

I also realized that I was under a lot of stress. So, I decided I need to resume walking my 4 miles several times a week.

I also prescribed no more television (except Tuesday with NCIS).
No more depressing BS news stories, lame brain morning show or mindless “comedy” shows. I’m so sick of Charlie Sheen and his effed up life. Go be a homeless person Charlie…I’m sick of your bullshit attitude. You probably can’t even get it up, dude.

Then, I prescribed some TLC for myself and my friends. It feels just as good to give as to receive so I did some healing on my new friend, E. Wow, I felt great…apparently she did as well.

I’m feeling a lot better this week but I’m thinking maybe a nice massage, and or an acupuncture treatment would get the kinks out. I’m also considering seeing a hypnotist.

Side effects? I sleep like a baby and feel great.
People, stop with the pills already!

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The Key To Happiness

Angel of happiness

Angel of Happiness

It was the middle of the night and I’m doing lucid dreaming, like an inner voice giving me some spiritual lessons while I sleep. Wierd!

I was too tired to wake up and jot down the elegant messages but I’ll do my best to jot down the essence.

Apparently, there are two types of thought patterns people engage in. Note that it is our choice how we choose to think about stuff.

One of them goes like this:
If that happens I’ll be so angry (or sad, happy, whatever)
I’ll be happy when my boy friend comes back to me.
I’ll be happy when I have a big screen hi-def TV, Mercedes Benz (thanks Janis) or new girl friend.

People who think like this set up pre-conditions for happiness. It’s kind of like Sisyphus, who was condemned by the Greek Gods to continually roll a boulder up hill. He believes that if he can just get it to the top he’ll have it made. But, it never happens, and when it does happen the boulder just rolls back down the hill and he must start over again. If you think like this you’ve got yourself a recipe for frustration, disappointment and misery. Sound familiar?

If not, good for you! You may belong to the other category of happiness seekers, the “Honey Bee” class.

Picture a honey bee flying from flower to flower sucking the nectar out and then flying on to the next flower.

Do you think that honey bee is happy? I’d say so. It’s a warm summer day, the gardens are drenched in glorious flowers. Our honey bee’s assignment is to immerse himself in finding the nectar wherever it may be.

He’s a connoisseur of joy. He tastes it wherever he goes. He brings home his precious nectar and contributes to the hive in support of his queen bee. Every moment is joyful and purposeful fulfilling his innate desire to be needed, to be useful. Joyful indeed.

Be Happy My Friend!

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Seek The Gold…

I’m a gold miner but not in the sense you are thinking. Yes, I did own a precious metals shop and I bought a lot of the immutable metal while I dabbled in publishing. The publishing won out.

Still, I miss what my wife (at the time) and business partner, Sue, called “the jazz”. From day to day we never knew what might come through the door. Once in awhile we found ourselves looking at not just another 10K class ring but a true treasure.

Much later on my fortunes reversed as they have a tendency to do for true entrepreneurs. You see, I always follow my dreams. Occasionally, my dreams let me down.

At the time, awakening from a failed dream I found myself divorced and pretty darn near broke. I was faced with the onnerous prospect of having to find a real job.

My kayaking friend and occasional lover had appeared in my life out of the blue. It was a case of serendipity or bizarre synchronicity since we determined that her father had competed with my uncle Richard for the top spot in a major multinational company. Her dad had won out and become wealthy. They had been bitter rivals in another state and another time.

But, that’s another story and don’t worry about my uncle Richard as he became a world class diplomat and lived an exquisite life.

Sally suggested we visit her friend who lived in a cottage by the water with her handicapped 40 year old sister who had been born with Down’s Syndrome. And, that’s when it began.

The day was hot, the river water cool and her disabled sister gestured that she wanted to go swimming. The women looked at me to gauge my reaction. Then, the caregiver sister explained that she wasn’t strong enough to take her sister swimming. She felt she couldn’t handle her if she were to slip on the steep bank of the river or panicked in the water.

That’s when I found the gold. I gladly took her swimming and we laughed and played in the cool water on a hot summer’s day in Maine.

The gold was in her laugh and unbridled joy in her eyes. The gold wasn’t tarnished by worries about politics, taxes, terrorism or how to pay the rent and keep food on the table. This woman was living in the moment and the moment was pure joy.

The older sister later told me that all her relatives had refused to take her swimming. Later, Sally told me I had been marvelous with the woman, that I had a natural kindness and connection that was rare. Sally had given me a compliment that I’d never heard before because, in my past life I had been a macho corrections officer working with a tough bunch of inmates fighting forest fires in California. I had never been able to let my guard down and just be myself.

Long Story a Bit Shorter…

Sally then introduced me to another girl friend who had just been hired as the human resources head for an agency that provided residential and day care services to mentally challenged adults.

I gladly took the job intending to stay less than a year or just long enough to come up with my next BIG DREAM. But, I found so much gold every day in the wisdom and poise of these handicapped people that I realized I had never laughed so hard, felt so much empathy or had so much fun in all my life. The six months stretched to five years when I finally returned to entrepreneurial life.

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Egypt…What Do I Think?

My bro-in-law is an arch conservative who is fond of spouting off a rehash of the talking head polemicists like Rush Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Glen Beck and Dick Morris.
So, he emails me a copy of Dick Morris’s blog titled “Who Lost Egypt” which essentially blames President Obama for not helping Egyptian president Mubarek crush the growing revolution in his country. In fact, he asked me what I thought. My reply:

What do I think? I think we should stop funding
dictators, develop our own hydrogen or electric
renewable energy sources and let Egypt become a democracy
or not….it is none of our business.

This invasive imperialistic foreign policy we’ve followed
for the past 50-70 years has got to stop. As it is
the U.S. has over 743 military bases overseas
and squanders hundreds of billions of our money bribing
entire countries to conform or else…which only incites more hatred and terrorism.

Our politicians have more than doubled the national
debt to over 2.3 TRILLION DOLLARS supporting
our policy of meddling in the affairs of every country
that fails to do our bidding.

What do I think?… I think we should get the hell out of the
Middle East and tend to our own country.
Use your head… Continue reading

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Towards a Kinder, Gentler Nation

I was thinking about the political rhetoric and comparing it to the reality
of living in the United States. But, for the sake of comparison, let’s briefly
look at the old ideology of Communism.

The Communists were idiots; they never understood human nature.

They never understood that "from each according to his ability -
to each according to his need"
is pure sophistry. But, I’m a cynic
when I’m not being a realist. I actually think that many low ranking Communist
party members believed that crap. They also believed "the end
justifies the means".

But, I’m sure top Communist leaders didn’t believe the ideology of Communism
but they did believe that the end justifies the means.

Today, our government leaders actually believe the old Communist
self-serving BS and compound their error by also believing that the end
justifies the means.

Of course, the reality is that people are motivated by self-interest – especially our politicians! You’ll
also find that Americans at least, have the character to respond generously to
"need". Americans support a lot of charities. We spontaneously take
care of those in need through charitable giving, churches and simple acts of
human kindness.

Here’s an aside about simple acts of kindness:  My friend, Dana,
who installed a new roof on my house, does snow plowing in the winter. I
called him to plow out my drive a few snow falls ago. The next snow fall came
along but I forgot to call him. Nevertheless, I woke up to find that my drive
was plowed. The third time it snowed I called him and he came right over. So,
I when I went to pay him I mentioned that I owed him for an extra plowing. He said not to worry about that plow job as he plows the driveways for about six of his friends who are hurting for money (at no charge) and mine was on the way anyway.

But, here’s my point; when government (both the obsolete Communist regime and
the current Obama regime) use coercion like mandatory taxes and health care fees
to rob Peter to give money to Paul, Jane and Little Bo Peep people rightly

The government believes that it is OK to steal from one neighbor to provide
services to another, ie. "the end justifies the means". The
government not only robs our citizens of money by taking our social security
payments and squandering them in the morass of unlimited government spending but
it robs the people of the right and obligation to help those around us out of
the generosity of our hearts…not because of coercion at the end of a gun.

We do not have a kinder and gentler nation. What we have is is a country that
confiscates the first three months (or more) of our wages to fund wars and a
military presence in 737+- countries worldwide. If you pay taxes you are working as
slave labor for over one quarter of each year.

What we have is a government that spends billions of dollars on the "War
on Terror" yet our refusal to become energy independent because it would
cost the oil companies too much money requires that we dominate and control the
Middle East causing the very terrorism we are "fighting".

What we have is a government that spends billions of dollars on the
"War on Drugs"
. The result is more violence and

"The United States has the highest documented incarceration rate in
the world: see these facts:[4][5]
The U.S. incarceration rate on June 30, 2009 was 748 inmates per 100,000 U.S.
residents, or 0.75%.[6]
The USA also has the highest total documented prison and jail population in
the world.[4][7][8]"
From Wikipedia

What we have is a government that is no longer accountable to its citizens
nor to the Constitution of the United States.

Another aside: When I set up a 900 phone line many years ago the phone
system began reporting on the schedules and locations for U.S.Marshall’s
auctions of vehicles, boats and planes seized under the USA Patriot Act of
2001 and assorted, convoluted IRS codes. The State Attorneys General Office
attacked my business. The Assistant Attorney General told my attorney that
"off the record" the state does not permit 900 lines to operate in
Vermont. When I told my attorney that this was unconstitutional, he just
laughed. He told me "where have you been, the Constitution has no
relevance in legal code today".

So, what we’ve got today is a nation of sheep being sheared by a coercive and
imperialistic government using wacked out Communist ideology to justify its
actions. Wake up America – our country has been hijacked while we eat junk food
and watch the Super Bowl.


On Satisfaction…not the XXX kind :-)

This morning at 0500 I woke up to see if the predicted snowstorm had begun. My spotlights were filled with flurries and I couldn’t resist. So, I got up, fed the animals, fired up the Mini and drove down to the QuickStop to┬ápick up a cup of coffee.

It was quite dark and even the snow plows weren’t out. I headed for the wharf and watched an intrepid fisherman preparing his boat in the blowing snow. The guy must enjoy the challenge of being a fisherman…or, that’s the only thing he knows. I hope it is the former.

That got me thinking…oh no…here we go again!

I would settle for a life of relatively small satisfactions (like having hot coffee on the wharf during a snowstorm). I would be happy to accept the kind of satisfactions that bring a spontaneous smile to my face rather than a prepackaged image of success.

Here’s Why:

Success of any kind comes at a price. Often the price of success is the stripping away of all the satisfactions in your life until the more successful you are the more miserable you are.

I shouldn’t have to explain this but, in case your mind is not particularly alert let me briefly point out the obvious.

You are an IBMer and you are wicked smart. You’ve decided to make it your career. You wear the suit, the wing tip shoes and white shirt with the ugly tie and commute 47 miles to work every day. You spend 10 or more hours doing programming or inventing the cloud or whatever real IBM people do all day. Then you drive home exhausted about the time your young children are ready for bed. Of course, you do have a white colonial in a good neighborhood and you drive a new BMW with a nearly new minivan so, along with your six figure income you figure you are a success. Yeah, right. ‘Cause, just when your family is settled in nicely they offer you a promotion but you have to move to Oshkosh (I think that’s a real place)…or maybe it’s Wichita, KS (I know that’s a real place). Must be nice.

So, what are the benefits of focusing on satisfaction? I can name a few. For one thing I love to sleep and I’m good at it. You could say I’m like that comic strip character Dagwood…and, like him, I even take naps though I often sleep for over 8 hours a night. But, I call my naps meditation sessions.

Regardless of what I call them it is not uncommon that the solution to a glaring problem pops into my head and I jerk awake and go fix it. And, that my friend gives me satisfaction.

My sleep can yield breakthroughs and resolutions of a sort. For example, lately everything I’ve been working on has backfired…at every level. My love life (not even worth discussing); I hired some people to SEO work to improve the rankings of two of my 15 or 20 websites…the Page Rank of both fell drastically and the orders virtually stopped. I could go on but it is almost funny how you can enter a “dead zone” where nothing works. Let me guess…it has happened to you as well so I don’t need to elaborate.

Anyway, moving on, I posted a little prayer just before falling asleep (did I mention I love to sleep?). I simply asked for some direction in my business life. One thing I’ve learned about myself is that I’m endlessly fascinated by all kinds of things. So, I get distracted and tackle a project and that does give me some satisfaction…but, without laser like focus and follow through the results are depressing.

So, when I awoke, my inner self had spoken clearly that I needed to focus on developing a self-contained hydrogen generating system for diesel and gasoline engines with a focus on marine generators. I bet you didn’t see that coming!

We are talking about perhaps a billion -plus- dollar market and my core business is research into HHO or hydrogen applications. See or

Success vs. Satisfaction

But, as you might have guessed, there is more going on here than meets the ear. Basically, what you and I need to look for is that confluence of energy that is generated by working to gain small satisfactions every day.

Let’s go one step further. Prince once sang about his “mom, she’s never satisfied.” I’ve got a bit of that dis-ease.

So, if you wish to get your life back in the groove sleep or meditate until you know what you need to know about yourself and what gives you satisfaction. It is not the BMW and the six figure income (waste of time but it is a nice byproduct).

Just tune into the means to gain even just one or two small satisfactions every day in a field that will have you jumping out of bed at 5AM…focus on these small satisfactions. Your success will take care of itself.

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Who Else Wants To Be Famous?

I was famous once. Like a lot of other famous people my fame lasted less than fifteen minutes. Unlike a lot of other famous people I was just as happy that my fame was short-lived. You see, my fame was rather embarrassing.

At the time I was a young Corrections Officer working one week on and one week off at a minimum security correctional “camp” in the mountains East of San Diego.

My week consisted of taking inmates out on fire-condition suppression operations. In other words, my crews cleaned up a lot of highly flammable undergrowth. My fellow officers and I were virtual prisoners but we had our own rooms and a much nicer “lounge” area than the inmate’s barracks. We just couldn’t leave the facility until our seven day shift was over.

As you can imagine, I was pretty excited when the workweek was over. I had a hot date for the first evening and I was looking forward to a week of leisure at home.

But, on the drive home I happened to take a more rural route and came upon a large stone outcropping in the middle of a field. It reminded me of El Capitan in Yosemite Valley but I believe that was just a nickname for this mini-mountain.

I had a sudden and overwhelming urge to climb it! In fact, that was probably the last truly spontaneous thing I’ve ever done (just kidding) because the consequences were so unpleasant.

For one thing, I had not planned to climb anything so I did not have water. I was wearing cowboy boots with smooth leather souls. This was the pre-cell phone age.


To make a Long Story Short I rapidly climbed to the top of this little stone mountain. It was almost too easy and I reveled in my prowess. I was hardly winded and the view was awesome. But, then, I recalled that I had a date for 7PM and it was already late afternoon. So, I quickly picked a way down thinking it was the same way I had climbed up to the summit.

My mistake was rushing my decent without assessing the safest way down. Looking down, I spied a ledge that appeared to be just ten feet above a level area. But, to reach the ledge I had to slide down a narrow crevasse and I was finding that my boots had next to no traction.

That didn’t deter me and I slid and jumped the last ten feet and barely stopped myself from catapulting right off the ledge when I landed. Only then did I realize that the ledge was a good forty feet or more above any safe decent route. If I hadn’t dug in my heels I would have plummeted head first forty feet down into the rocks below.

I was perched on a narrow ledge with a steep drop off while above me was a narrow crevasse, actually, little more than a crack in the rock face. Without a rope or pitons my chance of regaining the summit was zero. I was stranded.

My bout with fame didn’t come until about six hours later when a helicopter was flying around with search lights looking for an injured climber on the other side of the mountain. Of course, they had no idea I was also in need of a rescue. But, I yanked off my white tee shirt and began waving it frantically and yelling and miracle of miracles I could actually hear one of the guys say he spotted some other idiot climber stuck on the rock.

It got worse. First, they had to rescue the other climber but managed to yell with a bullhorn that I should stay where I was and they would be back – as if I was going anywhere in the pitch dark on a narrow ledge high above the rocks below.

Eventually, they landed the helicopter on the summit and a confident rescuer rappelled down, got me secured to his extra harness and the two of us were winched to the top.

Upon reaching the field below I found a soup kitchen and dozens of rescue people plus all the nightly news television camera crews just waiting for me to step out of the helicopter.

My fellow officers thoroughly enjoyed watching the 11:00 PM news as they interviewed me and I tried very hard not to sound like a complete idiot while my teeth chattered. My “date” didn’t believe my story and hadn’t watched the late news so she never spoke kindly to me again. EOS – end of story.

OK, so, if you still want to be famous I’ve got a somewhat less risky idea for you.

I’m seeking about a dozen but possibly more first person accounts of actual events that I describe as Synchronicity or manifestation events in my book Spiritual Power.

Rather than describe the type of experiences I’m looking for I’m giving you a download link to my unpublished manuscript titled Spiritual Power. You can then get the full treatment and decide if you wish to share your experience with the million plus readers who will no doubt cause the book to reach number one on the best seller lists. And, if your story is included in the published book, well, you too can be famous but without the embarrassing video footage on the nightly news.

Couple of points: All accounts must be verifiable. I reserve the right to interview you and your family or anyone who can verify your story. Any documentation including photos is welcome and appreciated.

Also, you can specify that your name not be used in the book to preserve your privacy. Thus, you can be secretly famous and suffer none of the side-effects of fame that I experienced if that is your desire. But, I must know your name and have the aforementioned verification details to permit your story to reach publication in my book.

You will be required to sign a release. Interested? If so you can download the rough, unedited manuscript of Spiritual Power to learn all about my concept of Synchronicity and Manifestation.

Here’s the link: