The Normalcy Bias

What Is The Normalcy Bias?

So much about living a sane life depends on maintaining an accurate perspective. But, a clear perspective can be warped by the “normalcy bias”.

The normalcy bias is the tendency of people to view events from the framework of what they have experienced as normal or routine in their life up to the present.

Maine is known for its cold water lobsters and every Maniac knows how to cook lobster. Lobster is always sold live both for freshness and safety.

Most people don’t euthanize the live lobster before boiling. But, if you were to drop a live lobster into a pot of boiling water it will shriek and literally claw its way out of the pot. It can be a horrific experience both for the lobster and for the chef.

For those who don’t wish to shoot their lobster before boiling, (the vast majority), the saner approach is to place the lobster in a pot of cool water and then gradually heat up the water to boiling. The lobster thinks (if lobsters think) that everything is normal until their goose is cooked (sorry for the mixed metaphor).

The lobster was hindered in recognizing danger by the normalcy bias – and, so are the American people.

While our government has been squandering our wealth and freedom through the pursuit of undeclared wars and the massive expansion of the infrastructure of war our nation’s people are being boiled alive.

We are not dead yet but put aside your normalcy bias for a minute and look at the facts:

  • Trillions spent on the War on Drugs. The result? – highest incarceration rate in the world. According to an article in The New York Times the United States has less than 5 percent of the world’s population. But it has almost a quarter of the world’s prisoners. This nation’s 2.3 million prisoners exceeds the 1.6 million locked up in China with four times larger population!
  • 35 million or 14% of the people in the United States rely on food stamps to feed their families. That’s just sick!
  • The U.S. suffers from soaring unemployment that the government fraudulently reports at 9.5%. Standard accounting practices formerly employed by the government to measure unemployment place the rate between 16% and 22% while a polling company found that among 1000 families randomly polled 28% had one or more members actively seeking full time employment.
  • Dead man walking. The government is bankrupt. According to figures published in Wikipedia: The public debt has increased by over $500 billion each year since fiscal year (FY) 2003, with increases of $1 trillion in FY2008, $1.9 trillion in FY2009, and $1.7 trillion in FY2010.[3] As of August 3, 2011, the gross debt was $14.70 trillion dollars, of which $10.06 trillion was held by the public and $4.64 trillion was intragovernmental holdings.[4] The annual gross domestic product (GDP) to the end of June 2011 was $15.003 trillion (July 29, 2011 estimate),[5] with gross debt at a ratio of 98% of GDP, and debt held by the public at 67% of GDP.
  • Nearly half of all U.S. families are flat broke and a layoff away from bankruptcy. The average American has no net savings and carries $8000 in credit card debts. Increasingly, the one bright spot, home equity, has melted away like a snow bank on a hot summer day. Personal bankruptcies have doubled this past decade. Experts predict that a new wave of foreclosures will continue to depress the housing market causing a chain reaction of sharply lower prices as too many homes flood the market.
  • For many home owners, real estate agents and appraisers the normalcy bias prevents homes from being priced at fair market value. The home owner hasn’t realized that what he may have paid for a home as late as 2006 to 2007 has no bearing on the actual value of the home in today’s market.

    Americans Hindered By The Normalcy Bias

    And yet Americans still buy into the same old political rhetoric by re-electing lying and corrupt politicians.

    Today, schools and universities provide students with a watered down curriculum that barely mentions the U.S. Constitution nor discusses The Bill of Rights. Each year we see a new generation of students whose normalcy bias reflects the current state of freedom (or lack of it) in America, the land of the free – NOT.

    Some will say that despite winning the cold war with the USSR and communism we are left (no pun intended) with a legacy of left wing, socialist leaning university professors as well as the horror of a president who is in reality a czar of socialism.

    The normalcy bias and the gift of rhetoric enabled a socialist to become president of the United States. Read what presidential candidate Barack Obama had to say during his campaign and then think about how he has taken over whole industries and attempted to socialize health care.

      / Utah News from the Daily Herald Newspaper / Utah and World News – the Daily Herald / Opinion / Editorials / Editorials
      IN OUR VIEW: Barack Obama’s socialist agenda

      Posted: Saturday, November 1, 2008 11:00 pm |
      Some have accused Sen. Barack Obama of being a socialist. But the truth may be worse. A regular socialist would at least have the guts to clearly label his policy of nationalizing industries. Obama and the Democrats appear to be seeking this goal by stealth. True socialists just want to run the economy. Obama and his allies have their eyes on your freedom.

      Whatever tag is hung on Obama, his election would herald a massive redistribution of wealth and power to the government. If jobs are created, they will be government jobs, which do not create wealth but only spend taxpayers’ money.

      The candidate himself has been intoning with moderation. But the truth began to surface in his passing comment to “Joe the Plumber.”

      At an Ohio campaign appearance, Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, the plumber, told Obama he was worried that the Democrat’s tax proposals would prevent him from buying the business that he works for. Obama’s reply was that he wanted to “spread the wealth around.”

      The candidate’s far-left reputation was further reinforced after an interview surfaced from a Chicago radio station. In it Obama lamented that the Supreme Court had “never ventured into the issues of redistribution of wealth, and of more basic issues such as political and economic justice in society.” He said it was “one of the tragedies of the civil rights movement” that it lost track “of the political and community organizing and activities on the ground that are able to put together the actual coalition of powers through which you bring about redistributive change.”

      “Redistributive change” is jargon for government seizure of wealth, followed by handouts to selected social causes. And Obama is all for redistribution of your money.

      Read more:

      Nevertheless, more Americans are coming to realize that our government has been hijacked by those hostile to the U.S. Constitution. But awareness without action is futile.

      Stamp Out The Normalcy Bias By Educating Your Neighbor

      There are many changes that must be made in the way Congress and the President govern the United States but the corruption of our government is, to some extent, caused by the power of entrenched interests and our current lobbying laws.

      We must reign in the nearly unlimited power of the military-industrial complex, the oil industry, the pharmaceuticals industry, the banking and investment industry and finally, big government itself.

      Eliminate Your Normalcy Bias - It is time to Speak Out America!

      It is time to Speak Out America

      Do you expect a better future? Then, you must shed your normalcy bias and see this country as it actually is.

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Paradoxes Of Life

How To Deal With The Paradoxes of Life

Politically Incorrect Saps Society - paradoxes

Politically Incorrect Saps Society

Sometimes I believe that life is full of paradoxes. For example, I’ve noticed that the people who are most rigid and outspoken about what they believe are invariably the most intolerant of the opinions of others.

Give me an agnostic any day of the week and God save me from “born again evangelical Christians who seem to have an overwhelming urge to save me from my sins. The fact is that I don’t buy into their concept of sinning though I do believe in the concept of FUBAR.

Of course, since I do believe that God resides in all of us (including sinners) then I guess it’s really up to me the next time a Jehovah’s Witness or some other preachy sect member shows up on my doorstep to convert me.

Happened just last weekend! When I was mowing the lawn along the road a car pulls over. Thinking they might be lost tourists (maybe they were) I drove my mower towards them. About then a big woman wearing a hat and her Sunday finest garb on a Saturday as well as a shit-eating grin gets out of the car. Well, that told me right off that at least chances were good that she hadn’t stopped to tell me she’d run over one of my cats or my dog.

But, then I noticed four more over dressed people sitting in the car. People rarely dress up in Maine. Heck, the women around this state drive to the convenience store in their pajamas!

Anyway, my antennae told me this big ole woman was going to show her charges how to proselytize and perhaps save a typical heathen. That would explain the shit-eating grin.

But, I do believe in the goodness, or at least the good intentions of most people. Why, just a few days before I was laboriously trying to buck logs into nice, stove size 16 inch lengths but the chain saw kept bogging down. Next thing I looked up to see my neighbor Cal driving over on his 4-wheeler…and, he’s got his chain saw with him.

He remarked: “Sounds to me like your saw’s laboring”. I replied that I’d just got it out of Francis’s shop where it was supposedly tuned and sharpened. So, Cal said “do you mind if I give it a try?”

Naturally, I said “help yourself“. Sure enough, Cal had no more luck with my saw than I had. So, he said let me try my saw which he proceeded to fire up. Cal went at those logs like a mad man and before I knew it he had diced and sliced two big 40 inch logs into neat 16 inch logets. To say the least I was impressed. Then Cal showed me why most people who sharpen a chain saw screw it up.

Cal is one of those people who gives others an ideal to shoot for.

Horace's Politically Incorrect Views

Horace's Politically Incorrect Views

Talking about paradoxes

, my buddy Jason, who was 19 or 20 at the time, convinced me that women hate men who fawn over them. The first rule of relationships for men, at least, is never ever fawn or drool over a woman. Never put a woman on a pedestal.

The more beautiful and unapproachable she is the more you should treat her like your kid sister, the one you love and hate at the same time. Tease her, talk nasty to her and alternatively put her down (but in a nice way) and then build her back up again. Pretty soon, if she doesn’t kill you, she won’t be able to get enough of you.

Jason and I worked in a social agency along with about 12 or so women and it worked like a charm for him; not so much for me.

Women will definitely dump all over you if you let on you are smitten in love with them. I told a woman recently that I was so crazy about her I loved everything about her.

So, when I called her up to hang out together for a day in Portland she sounded all excited. We meet up at Trader Joe’s and pick out a really nice picnic lunch which I pay for. Then we drive to a grassy park by the bay and spread a blanket.

Barely an hour later her cell rings and she goes away to speak in private. Shoulda known something was up then.

When she comes back she tells me that was her girlfriend (yeah right), the one who she had promised to visit when she was down in Portland. “Would I mind if she just paid her a quick visit, maybe an hour or so?”

My natural stupidity with women kicked in and I replied “sure honey, just give me a call if you are going to be gone longer than an hour ’cause it’s hot out here“.

Two and a half hours later she returns in a non-communicative mood and she never had bothered to call. By then, I was steamed, burned to a crisp both emotionally and physically as it was 95 degrees with no shade that day. Jason, you were absolutely right!

During my life I’ve experienced some other paradoxes…here’s one:

The more you show fear in a dangerous situation the more you have reason to be afraid.

I learned that lesson early in life (age five) and it has served me well; just not so much with women.

For example, about twenty years ago I had spent a Saturday night having dinner with friends and family at The Tavern on The Green in New York City. I had dressed well for the occasion in a long black cashmere top coat and a suit. Late at night I got on a subway intending to head for the upper West Side along Riverside Drive but I ended up getting off in the middle of Harlem, the black ghetto.

As luck would have it I encountered a gang of youths heading towards me down the sidewalk. The air was alive with menacing comments and full of swagger. Now, I’m no wimp but I’m no Bruce Lee either. But, I went into survival mode.

I instantly vanished my fear and imagined that I was a mafia hitman and that the bulge in my pocket was a loaded Glock 22.

My countenance became confident and my aura filled with menace and boredom (nice mix if you can get it). I proceeded to walk right up the center of the sidewalk; gang members scattered around me like pigeons. I heard a few guys shout “who the fuck was that MF’r” but they seemed to know better than to challenge me.
My “gun” was a little canister of pepper spray. LOL!

A similar approach worked well when there was a riot going on in barracks #2 at Camp San Jose, a correctional facility in the Viejas mountains east of San Diego. When I walked into the barracks one hot summer evening all hell had broken lose. All twelve inmates were fighting! I picked out the biggest guy, a biker called Jack, and went right up to him and said “you going to back me up here?
He looked me up and down and gave me a brief nod. So, I barked “OK, knock it off; you guys need to line up outside NOW!”

Then, I gestured to Jack and said “Jack, you take it from here; I’ll be right outside.”

I’m not sure exactly what Jack said to them, but since he was a 300 pound biker it probably wasn’t a whole lot. All eleven inmates filed out docile as lambs with Jack bringing up the rear. By that time a couple of the “old guard” officers decided it was safe to come out of the office and take over. They chastised me for going in alone and told me that I should have waited for the sheriff and his men. LOL! Now, you tell me!

Is there a take-away here? Perhaps. When you dwell on emotions like fear and doubt you attract more of the same. That’s why I recommend that you never indulge your fears and doubts.

Which leads me to one of my favorite paradoxes:

To become authentically yourself learn how to act.

By nature I’m not a gregarious person and no amount of acting will change that. So, when it was time to attend the annual start of summer Twilight Park cocktail party and black tie dinner I was less than enthusiastic. However, I had agreed to accompany my sister and I didn’t feel right about cancelling at the last minute.

A cocktail party in Twilight Park could be especially trying because not only did I know only about two people there but because the cottagers who spend their summers at Twilight Park are often quite wealthy, well educated and well traveled. I lack at least two out of the three.

The posh couple I was chatting with (an international jurist) heard me mention Russian women (see and excitedly told me they’d just gotten back from Moscow where they’d seen the Borshoi Ballet. Hmm, no, I confessed, I’d never been to the ballet. (Conversation almost dies).

Yet, after an hour of cocktailing my sister sought me out and remarked: “David, I’ve been watching you and you are so at ease and even suave with these people who you don’t even know”!
“How do you do it?”

I told her “I act like I’m one of them and pretend to be having a good time.”

Find Alternate Cures

My friend, keep on the lookout for the paradoxes in your life. The better you handle your own personal paradoxes the more spiritual power you’ll experience.

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The Character of Winners and Losers


Don’t you hate it when some wise guy boils down everything into an either/or statement of character? Black or white; there is no in between. But, sometimes I believe the core, the essence really boils down to a fundamental choice and the choices diverge 180 degrees.

Really, it boils down to character and attitude…EVERYTHING!. Yoda, the Jedi Master from Star Wars responds to Luke:
“”No,” scolded Yoda. “Do, or do not. There is no try.” Luke did not believe the Force could lift such a massive object.”

I believe you could make a “character scale” that went from weakest character indicator, those who say they’ll try but never follow through to those who never say they’ll “try“; if they say they’ll do something they do it. The word “try” is not a part of their mental vocabulary.

Your Character Has Everything To Do With Whether You Are a Winner or a Loser

Dave Davies in Florida Exhibiting His Lazy Character

Dave Davies Goofing Off in Florida

Let’s take a look at the difference between loser and winners:

* Losers Lay Blame: If something goes wrong in a loser’s life they like to blame others for their failures. It’s hard for losers to look at themselves as being the reason why something failed, as they like to think about themselves as being a winner. Unfortunately this means that a loser never learns from their mistakes and will constantly re-commit the same mistakes.
* Losers Make Excuses: If something goes wrong in a losers life and they can’t blame someone else for it they will make an excuse to cover their failures. Losers often make excuses for everything, it’s too late to attend a webinar, the webinar goes for too long, the webinar was too early, the webinar was too short. Excuses like this result in a loser continuously failing as they don’t hold themselves to a higher standard.
* Losers Are In Denial: The ultimate sign of a loser is that they are in denial that anything in their life that goes wrong is their fault. A loser will deny that ANY failure is a failure related to themselves.

As you can see a loser has 3 very fatal traits that will ultimately lead to that person destroying their own lives. All of us at some stage in our lives have acted like a loser, with that in mind, let us look at how winners act:

* Winners Take Responsibility: If something goes wrong in a winner’s life, they stand up and take complete responsibility for their actions. For example if you are late for a webinar, you don’t blame the traffic, or your family you say I didn’t plan well enough today to attend this webinar on time.
* Winners Are Accountable: Winners understand that they are 100% accountable in their life and the reason they are in their current situation is due to their choices and actions to date.
* Winners Believe Everything Is Possible: Winners understand that once they have committed to bringing about an outcome or goal the entire Universe will fall into sync to assist them so long as they continue to believe in their goal.

Don’t you hate it when some wise guy boils down everything into an either/or statement of character? Black or white; there is no in between. But, sometimes I believe the core, the essence really boils down to a fundamental choice and the choices diverge 180 degrees.

Really, it boils down to character and attitude…EVERYTHING!. Yoda, the Jedi Master from Star Wars responds to Luke:
“”No,” scolded Yoda. “Do, or do not. There is no try.” Luke did not believe the Force could lift such a massive object.”

I believe you could make a “character scale” that went from weakest character indicator, those who say they’ll try but never follow through to those who never say they’ll “try“; if they say they’ll do something they do it. The word “try” is not a part of their mental vocabulary.
Your Character Has Everything To Do With Whether You Are a Winner or a Loser

Character Building Methods

Are people either born with character built into their personality or not?
My hunch is that everyone has a soul. Your soul is YOU and follows you regardless of what body you inhabit and what lifetime you are experiencing. I believe that character resides in the soul and can be built upon for lifetime after lifetime. Every now and then you meet a wise old soul and, at least to me, it is obvious that this person has experience and character that transcend their current age and their current life circumstances.

But, for those of us who aren’t “old souls” we can only practice feeling unafraid to believe in ourselves and to trust our judgement. We can only build the habit of actually doing what we say we intend to do. We can trust ourselves and in many cases force ourselves to speak the truth even when it makes us look bad. We can be unafraid to speak and see the Truth. Practice makes perfect. Honesty is just another habit except that it requires more courage than most habits.

Practice building your character by accepting the consequences of your actions and taking full responsibility for your life starting now.

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The Death of Freedom

On Independence Day, July 4th, 2011 (actually I’m writing on July 2nd because I hope to be in command of the barby on the 4th) I realized that Americans are losing their hard-won freedoms.

Unfortunately, our loss of freedom is nothing new. It picked up speed with President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal when he authorized Federal spending that was the highest in history and was designed to subvert democratic capitalism into State-Managed For Profit Socialism.
As far as I’m concerned Franklin Roosevelt was a fascist dressed like a socialist. The gold standard effectively came to an end in 1933 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt outlawed private gold ownership (except for the purposes of jewelery).
But, our loss of freedom actually began long before then when, in 1913, our government passed the Federal Reserve Banking Act taking away our country’s autonomy regarding printing our fiat currency. The Federal Reserve is a private bank owned by foreign banking interests who virtually control our economy and our country. So much for freedom.

In 1971 Richard Nixon divorced our currency from gold backing making it a completely worthless fiat currency valued by whatever sentiment people feel about the strength of our dollar and our economy. In reality, the Nixon Shock was a series of economic measures taken by U.S. President Richard Nixon in 1971 including unilaterally cancelling the direct convertibility of the United States dollar to gold that essentially ended the existing Bretton Woods system of international financial exchange.

Nixon violated our freedom in a massive and devastating way by making it impossible for country’s (and individuals) to exchange dollars for gold.

But, on this Independence Day we must consider all the freedoms that our government has taken away from independent citizens of the United States of America. I’ll explain just some of the freedoms that we’ve lost that you may not have considered.

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Manifestation – Does It Work?

Manifestation – Fact or Fiction?

My parents kind of reminded me of the 1930 painting American Gothic by artist Grant Wood.

My dad was a medical researcher with a cold, analytical, scientific mind. He was a skeptic about just about everything including the existence of a soul. Yet, he was quite the moralist and quick to judge the “sins” of others.

My mom was one notch below a zealot. Driven by passion and her entrenched belief systems she never permitted logic or alternative belief systems to cloud her thinking.

As children of the depression they both believed in the value and necessity of hard work to the extent that my father brought his brief case and portable desk to the beach along with us kids on a hot summer day. Even as an eight year old I was appalled and sickened by his slavish devotion to his work.

My grandfather, the plumber, also believed in hard work yet, poor as he was (plumbers were still poor back in the 1960′s), he managed to take off most every weekend to go to the camp and fish in Long Island Sound. But, like both my parents, he didn’t believe there was any magic approach to “making things happen”.

Of course, with a background like this I’ve always been a hard working individual working seven – twelve hour days in a row as a Probation Officer in minimum security institutions in the mountains of California. If you want to experience hard work try the same gig but then take an inmate forest fighting crew out on the fire line where you are responsible for both the inmates safety and discipline 24 hours a day.
I couldn’t get enough of it at 25.

Manifestation Energy Captured on Film

Can You Harness Manifestation Energy?

When I quit working my County job to recreate myself as an author, publisher and small business creator I had an enormous fear of failure. I was going against everything I’d ever been taught by my conservative parents. I was risking my future by trying to create my life from my wits instead of relying on a paycheck.

At one point I was cleaning chimneys fifty feet above the ground, then returning to my office to appraise gold, silver and diamonds. Finally, and during any lulls in my gold business I would write another chapter of my new book, Mind Over Money.

During the research and writing of my second book I began to realize that I could enter a zone and write dozens of pages without being fully aware of anything but the flow of words. I also was able to put aside my doubts about my ability as a writer and my worries about having enough income to feed my family and simply focus on small, critical daily goals. That seemed to work. Mind Over Money sold 35,000 copies and not a dime was shared with a publisher since I both published and promoted the book via mail order advertising.

Now, picture a young man who has always collected a paycheck or worked on top of a chimney for $40 of dangerous, filthy labor and then seeing my own creation bringing my family and I hundreds of thousands of dollars. Was it magic or just hard work?

When I was stumped or found the going too tough I would sometimes just “give up” and turn the whole mess over to a higher power. At times like that semi-miraculous things would happen and major obstacles would simply evaporate.

Manifestation Requires Letting Go

When my dad passed away after a brief, unexpected illness when he was about to turn 91, I joined my family in my parent’s summer home in Twilight Park. Though my father continued to do some work and research at The Chapel, the name of their stone cottage, for all the years growing up, he also found time to watch tennis, swim at the pool and socialize with other members of the park. The older he got the better skilled he became at disengaging his workaholic mind to enjoy his surroundings.

During the time I spent in Twilight after he died I stepped away from my fledgling Internet publishing business. Money was tight but I didn’t worry about it since my priority was to be with my family in our family’s summer home of forty plus years. Letting go seemed to work because my business was better than ever when I returned to Maine after the services.

Manifesting: The Missing Element
Why Positive Thinking and Affirmations Aren’t Enough

Unless you’ve taken into consideration the missing element required for successful manifestation you’ll never experience true long-term success.

I’ll cut right to the core of the issue of why so many people visualize and affirm and even send prayers of thanks to the Universe all day long and still don’t get the long term results they’re seeking.

The reason “canned” tapes, videos, CD’s, DVD’s and other recorded programs rarely work is because they lack the human interaction necessary to identify and eliminate self-defeating mental scripts.

After my initial success with my second book, Mind Over Money, my business bounced fitfully between huge success and failure. I was very frustrated!

In my years of working with people I’ve heard similar stories like the poor orphaned boy from Pakistan who excelled in school. Teachers and mentors arranged for scholarships to get him into college in the U.S. Once in the United States he worked at a printing press while studying to be an engineer. After graduation he started a company and grew it into a multimillion dollar international firm. He traveled all over the world and had several offices and a million dollar line of credit. He had investments in real estate. He was “rich”.

Then, something went horribly wrong. Today, he’s barely surviving. He has debilitating diseases and no income, no health insurance, no job. He’s one step from being homeless.
What the hell happened?

For me, and perhaps for the individual and friend, above, what happened was an unconscious, gradual realignment of the psyche to bring it into accord with powerful, hidden scripts.

All of us have a Mental Operating System or MOS. It functions in the background just like Windows 95 (that was intentionally referenced because of its history of crashing). Like Windows 95 your MOS has built-in flaws that cause it to crash every now and then.

For some people these scripts lead to addictions, abusive behavior, self-destructive behavior and frequent “crashes”. For others, the force of the ego is strong enough to keep these self-defeating scripts in-check, at least for long enough to get a glimpse of the desired goal. But, then, like a bad virus, the script comes back into play. Long held destructive beliefs and attitudes re-impose their faulty mode of operating on our lives and presto…all we’ve worked for disappears almost overnight.

How To Identify Self-Defeating Scripts and Replace Them With Powerful, Life-Enhancing Beliefs, Habits and Behaviors

If you’ve been on a journey of self-improvement and have purchased lots of self-improvement programs and perhaps even seen a psychologist or clinical social worker for “therapy” and your life is not what you want it to be consider this.

The only effective way to cleanse your MOS of self-defeating scripts is to undergo intensive coaching or hypnotherapy sessions from someone who has mastered the process. Simply reading books or listening to tapes and CD’s won’t work.

In my coaching practice I employ several powerful tools to accomplish this task easily and permanently. The first tool I use is kinesiologic testing. This is a powerful technique to identify maladaptive scripts. It works equally well to show you what replacement scripts have the power to change your life for the better. More about this later.

The next powerful tool is a mental reprogramming system called “triggers”. This process is a bit like brain surgery except that you are completely in control, there is neither pain nor actual surgery at all.

Nevertheless, a trained hypnotherapist, your manifestation coach, “operates” on your Mental Operating System by locating faulty scripts that account for failure. Then, the coach builds a powerful trigger while you are in a deep state of relaxation (hypnosis).

The trigger is designed to override the faulty script on cue by replacing it with a more powerful and highly effective positive script. Under hypnosis you are taught to be aware whenever the faulty script starts to play. For example, people often run parental tapes through their mind all during the day. Examples are: “that was stupid!”, “I’ll never get their on time, I’m always late”, you’re not good enough for her…she’s way out of my league”.

Examples of action oriented scripts include but aren’t limited to:
1. Reacting with a hair trigger temper to the actions or words of others. You have an overly developed defense mechanism script that fires almost without provocation!
2. Procrastination. The more pressure to complete the task the slower you go.
3. Tardiness. Something inside you always finds some last minute thing that must be done before you leave for an appointment. You are always late but with an excuse.
4. Muddled thinking, lack of decision making ability. You may have met people who make choosing a brand of beer an intensive, agonizing process…every single time they order.
5. Selecting partners who are subtly abusive and demeaning to you. You ditch one after the abuse gets worse only to find your next partner is even more abusive.
6. Success sabotage. You’ve worked hard and seen some progress. Now you decide to take on a business partner without checking him out. He steals your money or runs your business into the ground. You blame him…wrong! Blame your bad script (yourself).
7. Self-destructive reactions to stress. Stress affects everyone. It is how you deal with it that determines whether it can empower you or cause you to self-destruct. Which of these methods of stress relief test as anabolic meaning to build-up or enhance your strength?
a. Taking your dog for a walk. Anabolic
b. Having just three drinks after work with friends. Catabolic
c. Jogging. Anabolic
d. Listening to gangster rap music at full volume. Catabolic
e. Meditating. Anabolic
f. Watching the news, then your favorite television show. Catabolic
g. Playing outside with your kids (or someone else’s kids). Anabolic

Once these triggers are implanted during hypnosis you will instantly become aware of self-defeating thoughts, attitudes and behaviors. The instant you become aware you fire your trigger, the one that was built for you under hypnosis.

Your new, positive and highly effective replacement script literally overrides the old faulty script. Surprisingly, the process of totally wiping out negative scripts is quite rapid! Clients have experienced remarkable changes in anywhere from a single session to a month.

All it takes is several “firings” of your trigger and your subconscious mind does the rest. It quickly grasps that there is a new script that has overwritten the old faulty one. Pretty soon, the traces of the old script vanish.

It is this process that makes total transformation permanent so that when you manifest something you’ve always dreamed of having in your life it remains part of your life.

Have you heard the stories of entrepreneurs who’ve made and lost fortunes over and over again during their lifetime? Faulty scripts are their problem. Replace them and the good scripts that brought them fortune and success in all its guises will continue to work effectively but the bad scripts that cause them to bet the farm and lose everything will be eliminated. In their place a positive script might be implanted that causes the person to invest and diversify their wealth.

Message From Davecall me at 949-945-5417.
Tell Your Story: Dave is currently seeking empowering personal accounts of transformation.
If you have a story about manifesting Dave wants to hear it. Simply register and submit a comment about your experiences with manifestation and I’ll get back to you.

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The Root of All Evil- Fear

Have a Fear – Less Day!

I have an acquaintance I’ve never met who lives with fear. He calls me at weird hours about once a month. He’s smart. He can be well spoken. And, in my estimation he’s also a paranoid schizophrenic fundamentalist Christian. He frequently reminds me that the devil has big plans for the end of the world…COMING TO PLANET EARTH SOON!

Whew! I was always afraid that would happen; which brings me to the subject of fear. The paranoid schizophrenic mindset is driven by irrational fear.

The other day my friend called to tell me “they” had stolen a billion dollars worth of his intellectual property. He went on to say that he has an ongoing lawsuit against a big movie studio or, depending on his mood, the CIA, for stealing his idea for the 911 attack. I’m told that he’d written the exact scenario in his novel over a decade ago but the CIA took his fictional information and actually used it against American citizens. Hmmm. Could be true. A lot of conspiracy theorists believe it.

At the core of my friend’s condition is a disabling fear of everyone and everything including The Judgement Day. God only knows why he chose me to confide in at 1AM.

Maybe he believes I’m harmless. More probably he believes I need “saving” and I’m willing to take the time to listen to his rants. I wonder if that makes me an enabler?

Fear is killing the American Dream

Warning: Fear Can Kill You

Fear Drives The United States of America

It appears to me that fear and greed, which is just a symptom of fear, drive our economy, our politics and our foreign policy. Why else would the United States have more citizens incarcerated per capita than any other country in the world (not counting N. Korea and China).

Our government arrests and imprisons people for just about every activity imaginable but mainly for victimless crimes like possession of marijuana. Of course, if we legalized drugs the government couldn’t have a war on drugs. They must fear an increase in pot-smoking hippies.

Why else would the United States maintain a standing army of over one million and spend $100 billion dollars of our money to maintain around 1000 military bases and installations in 141 countries? See Global Research.

Fear and Hate Driven Religions

I don’t believe in the inalienable truth of the Bible but there is a lot of good stuff in it if you read it with a pure heart. After you wade through the crap in the Old Testament with all that eye-for-an-eye, fear of a wrathful and vengeful God garbage you’ll find information on fear. Try the 23rd Psalm.

Jesus also advised against worrying about food or money pointing out that the birds, the bees and other animals seem to get enough to eat without punching a time clock. Of course, unlike Americans, the squirrels are smart enough to lay up a supply of acorns and seeds to coast through these tough Maine winters.

Personally, I kind of like the bears’ approach to winter survival. They gorge all summer and fall on their favorite foods like honey, berries, nuts and the occasional squirrel and then sleep all winter. That sure beats shoveling snow and paying for oil.

Fear Restricts Your Freedom To Live Life to the Fullest

OMG!!! If we didn’t have fear who would employ all our service people?
If we didn’t have fear how would the giant insurance companies sell their insurance policies?
If we didn’t have fear who would listen to the hate mongers and fundamentalist preachers who preach the fear of God in their pulpits?

On the other hand, eliminating fear can have some negative consequences. If you are not hibernating like the bear (after all summer is almost here!), you know that our economy is about to implode. Politicians fear that Americans will realize that they are incompetent and fire them so they lie about the actual unemployment rate and spend trillions of dollars trying to pave over their mistakes.

But, if people feared being destitute and without subsidized health, welfare, unemployment and all the other socialist folly they might actually begin to take responsibility for their own health and employment. Think about it.
This is David Davies. Have a fearless day!

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Hemmorrhoid Treatment and Cures

A hemorrhoid is a clump of tissue inside the canal of the anus that contains blood vessels and the supporting tissue that surrounds the clump is made of muscular fibers. The arteries that supply blood to the canal of the anus have descended into the canal from the rectum, forming a wealth of arteries in one unhealthy location on the canal of the anus causing a hemorrhoid. The reason for the bleeding of hemorrhoids is this: the veins in the anus drain blood away from the canal of the anus and the hemorrhoids.
Hemorrhoids are diagnosed just like any other physical illness might be determined; the doctor reviews a list of symptom (and sometimes puts on the latex glove for site seeing), and determines that the patient has hemorrhoids. For hemorrhoid treatment the doctor will either write a prescription for a cream or just strongly advise the patient to buy an over-the-counter medication. Rarely does the doctor mention the possibility of a hemorrhoid cure, or if it even exists.
Hemmorrhoid Treatments
Hemorrhoid treatments are often more uncomfortable than bearing hemorrhoids without medication can be. Some over-the-counter products that a medical professional might suggest for a hemorrhoid treatment plan could be a basic protectant, astringent, or antiseptic. Depending on the severity of the hemorrhoids, the doctor might prescribe two or three in a combination hemorrhoid treatment plan to help alleviate the patient’s discomfort with their hemorrhoids.
Hemorrhoid Cures
There are a couple of hemorrhoid cures on the market. The primary method for a hemorrhoid cure is surgical removal. However, surgical removal is not covered in the budgets of most sufferers; nor is it covered by their insurance. Some people who have hemorrhoids also have bills, a mortgage, and kids in college. One more bill for a bump that no one can see (a hemorrhoid) can hardly seem worth the time or money. A hemorrhoids sufferer is probably not realistically allowed by their work and home related demands to take the needed time for a hemorrhoids cure that surgical removal would provide.
If a hemorrhoid sufferer is too embarrassed to seek medical counsel for his or her condition, there is the alternative route of self discipline. A suggested hemorrhoid treatment plan found in the free web world; by eating foods that are high in fiber a hemorrhoid patient will reduce their chance of constipation. Foods that are high in fiber include (but are not limited to) fruits and vegetables, bran and beans, and cereals. It’s even thought by some professionals on the subject of hemorrhoids treatment and hemorrhoids cures that eating large amounts of foods high in fiber can possibly act as a cure for hemorrhoids. Other studies showed that when a person suffering from a case of hemorrhoids drinks at least 8 glasses of water and fruit juice on a daily basis, this method as a hemorrhoids treatment plan also promotes the hemorrhoids cure. This in conjunction with 20 minutes of exercise every day is a hemorrhoids treatment plan most likely to eventually lead into the hemorrhoids cure (the long way).

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The Pros and Cons of Using Corporal Punishment With Children

There is so much controversy among grown folk over the matter of whether to use corporal punishment to discipline unruly children.

Some parents swear by corporal punishment, while others passionately speak out against it. The thoughts conflict as some say that parents who spank need to take parenting classes while it is thought that those who are afraid of using corporal punishment should themselves take their own course, again. Some have suggested that parents who spank just need to learn more parenting skills, and those who spank might argue that corporal punishment is also a parenting skill. So in this article we will take a closer look at the

pros and cons of using corporal punishment with children

; and then we’ll focus in on some parenting styles that most people who have children tend to fall into the category of.
• Pro: Spanking, if done right, is effective on a short-term basis for getting children to change their negative behavior.
By done right, I think the agreed concept here is that the method is used when a time out is determined to be an insufficient method for calming the child and drawing their mind away from the unhealthy obsession with misbehaving that they might be manifesting. “If done right” could also mean, in combination with other parenting skills.
• Con: Spanking by itself and without reasoning has proven to increase aggressiveness, antisocial behavior, and can lead to a juvenile criminal record.
This type of spanking, technically, is not what we are viewing even on a corporal level. The category for this type of spanking, though we are not reviewing it in this article, would more appropriately be defined as “abuse”. To spank a child excessively and without understanding provided or clarified, and then to let that child grow sulking in that unfair treatment is a form of abuse.
The next pro and con do not have explanation provided for reasons of time.
• Pro: Spanking, as a complimentary method in conjunction with or as a last resort from reasoning and time-out’s has been found most effective in 2 to 6 year olds.
• Con: Spanking, if society is aware, can welcome unkind reproaches wherein it might be said of your family that your bond with your child is broken because you “have to spank him”.

We will now look into three different parenting styles.

You can call them what you want, but for this article those styles are referred to as Control Freaks, Scared Parents, and Coaching Parents.
A Control Freak will benefit very little from a lesson in parenting skills. A 12 week course of parenting classes would be more appropriate for changing this style. As they are, they don’t provide options and have little patience for their children’s mistakes. Control freaks don’t like to give explanations, and tend to punish their child harshly for asking.
Scared Parents, on the other hand, prefer to give almost all the control to the child. They might make a few rules, but enforcement of those rules are a rare and inconsistent pattern that the child has learned to manipulate. The Scared Parent wouldn’t benefit much from a crash course on parenting skills or a 12 week course of parenting skills classes. Once the parent is scared to discipline their child, the only approach to changing that is going to be for the parent to stop being scared.
Finally the Coaching Parent is the parent who provides clear guidelines and expectations. They are experts at facilitating consistent consequences for inappropriate behavior in a healthy fashion and by utilizing all parenting skills. The Coaching Parent has probably been to a few classes on parenting skills, and continues to remain open to more education on a healthy approach with their dearly loved children.

Corporal Punishment - Pros and Cons to Discipline Children

Managing Temper Tantrums

If you are unsure of your Parenting Style and whether or not you should use corporal punishment you can take a short quiz.
Learn alternatives to using Corporal Punishment by taking The Total Makeover Parenting Course.

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Manifestation…What The Secret Leaves Out

It never ceases to amaze me when I achieve small feats of manifestation in my daily life. Why, just this morning (early Sunday), I was mildly peeved by a couple of Sunday drivers who were toodling along Route 90 coming out of Camden, Maine.

The guy driving the BMW who was stuck on my bumper seemed to be equally annoyed as we crawled down the road at 35 in a 55 zone.

I spotted a gas station ahead and floated out a gentle suggestion “you guys need gas; best to get it now”.
Sure enough, one after the other the slow cruisers peeled off to get gas.

Did I manifest this result? Who knows? Most people will write it off to coincidence. But, like a detective in a typical mystery novel, I’m suspicious of too many coincidences.

My late mom, God bless her, was a United Church of Christ minister in her later years. She didn’t believe in the power of individuals to manifest events and circumstances except by hard work. Yet, she often told me that on her forays into NYC from New Jersey she would visualize and expect a good parking place and invariably a car would vacate a parking spot as she approached the entrance to her destination. She didn’t exactly “pray” for a parking spot but she seemed to approach parking in NYC with an attitude of positive expectation.

When I was running my publishing business from my home I hit a down streak and my finances were looking very bleak. In fact, my income had evaporated and the mortgage was overdue by three months.

I needed to write a new book that I could sell via direct mail. Beginning with less than $250 in my bank account I researched and wrote a book called The Million Dollar Phone. And, as I continued my research I seemed to attract the right contacts and information.

I had faith that some how, some way I would be able to complete my book, get it printed and sell it without having a dime to my name. But, one day, I was a bit discouraged so I asked for a sign to show me I was going to be successful. At 4 PM I went jogging up the dirt road in Vermont with a confident air of expectation.

On the return route I glanced down and found a stream of coins in my path. The road I lived on was very rural and there were no homes nearby. Yet, silver coins were sprinkled along my path in the middle of nowhere.

Upon returning to my home office I opened the mail and saw a catalog of business opportunities. I glanced through it and realized the publisher did not have any books on the emerging 900 pay-per-minute phone business. So, going with my instinct I phoned the publisher and asked him to sell my book for me in his catalog.

He mailed 250,000 catalogs with a full page ad selling my book.
He published my book for me and made the copies available at wholesale.
He sent me the names and addresses of all the buyers for my book.

The last chapter of my book offered a $2500 turnkey 900 phone business that I was able to put together…and pretty soon the orders were pouring in $2500 at a time. That year I grossed over $270,000.

Manifestation Works

Manifestation Energy

So, What Are The Keys to Manifestation?

    Gently visualize clearly what you want to happen

  1. Change your mind state by deeply relaxing, meditation and or hypnosis.
  2. Tune into the Zero Point Field
  3. Be open, receptive and willing to act on impulse.
  4. Release care and concern about the outcome. Let the Universe do all the manifestation while you wait patiently for the results.
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    Social Media Marketing

    We have seen social media marketing dominate the new paradigm of online advertising on such sites as Yelp, Facebook and Twitter.
    Scientists have shown that people have a natural tendency to want to do what others are already doing. The more the activity is validated by large numbers of people, like a crowd, the greater the power of this key influence on human behavior.

    Social Media Marketing takes advantage of this principle of human behavior.

    For example, a now defunct “dot-com” business,, was set up on the model of paying people a small hourly fee to use their view bar as their primary browser. The concept was somewhat like paying people 50¢ an hour to watch a certain channel on cable TV (remember, you heard this idea here first). The idea was that millions of viewers using the company’s proprietary viewbar would be exposed to the company’s advertisers. The hope was that advertising revenues would exceed the viewing wages paid out to participants.

    The plan worked on the basis of the two most basic motivators, laziness and greed. Millions of people signed up. The idea of getting paid to surf the Internet was irresistible to many but the fact that the AllAdvantage website displayed both the daily total of new registrants plus the total number of participants (exceeding two million!) had a lot to do with this company’s explosive growth. It created a frenzy of signups, as many as 22,000 a day!

    It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane…It’s Social Media Marketing!

    If you wish to see something amusing, get ten people to gather on a busy street corner with lots of foot traffic. Have them gather in a circle and stare at the ground. In a matter of minutes the ten will grow to twenty and then eventually turn into a huge crowd – all the while staring at virtually nothing at all on the ground!

    How To Use Crowd Psychology in Advertising

    This fact was first demonstrated by Milgram, Bickman and Berkowitz, social scientists. In their study a control group of five individuals gazed up into the sky on a downtown street in New York City. Soon, 18% of the individuals passing by responded by staring upward. When the control group was increased to fifteen an incredible 40% of all passersby joined the original fifteen staring at nothing in particular in the sky.

    Advertisers quickly took advantage of these new concepts of social media marketing.

    Crowd Psychology

    For a marketer, for example, it helps if you can report that your product is a “best seller” with over X number of customers. In the book stores you will find books advertising that they are on the New York Times Best Seller list. Many of the “Blah, blah, blah, For Dummies” books advertise “Over One Million Sold!”

    In a web site I designed for an herbal weight loss products company the headline proclaimed “Over 300,000 Customers worldwide”. People are much more prone to go with a proven winner that many others have joined then to go for an unknown.

    Social Media Marketing can begin very small with just a few cool people or celebrities using a product. Gradually, the movers and shakers notice and adopt the product as the next “in” thing.
    It can be as simple as a photograph of a celebrity driving a Smart car (now no longer chic at all) while attending the Oscars. The news media pick it up and exposure for the product reaches a tipping point.

    The tipping point is explained by one principal… ‘The Law of the Few’.

    ‘The Law of the Few’ states that the spread of any new product or service is determined by the initial adoption patterns of a small group of socially infectious early-adopters.

    A combination of word of mouth advocacy and the copycat effect allows connected and respected early-adopters to drive product diffusion and act as gate-keepers to mass-market adoption.

    In plain English… The theory states that those with an elevated social status among peers and those considered physically attractive are able to start trends that spread like epidemics through out society. This inadvertent viral marketing effect is the dream of many companies.

    Unfortunately, catching the attention of the in crowd so that they become the early adopters is tricky. A commercialized marketing approach will generally backfire and the cool people will shun the product.

    In motivational trigger number five, Authority, you’ll learn that people more easily respond when recommended to do so by an “authority figure like a doctor”. Combine the authority trigger with the Social Validation trigger by getting endorsements from as many authorities in your field as you can.

    Examples of Social Media Marketing At Work
    “More doctors (hospitals) choose Tylenol for safe pain relief.”

    “Over 2 million satisfied customers can’t be wrong”.

    Groupon, fastest growing Internet company in history, now has over 40 million subscribers!”

    Unfortunately, crowd psychology is not necessarily a good thing unless you are an advertiser.
    Most of the people I meet are asleep at the wheel of life. I’m constantly amazed by how unaware some people are.

      They are unaware of their surroundings
       They are unaware of their deeper thoughts and feelings
       They are unaware of their options
       They are unaware of their own personal power to be great.

      But, ask them what night American Idol (is that a television show?) is on TV and they’ll be right on it.

      Lately, I’m beginning to see people in our Western society as a school of fish influenced this way and that by the vicissitudes of the media, the palatable lies of politicians and advertisers.

      Unlike our history prior to the 1950’s crowd psychology is easily influenced by our pervasive media. Prior to the early 1950’s news traveled by word of mouth, newspapers, radio and telegraph…or by snail mail.


      Of course today 91% of Americans use cell phones to send text messages. If they aren’t satisfied with that method they can tune into Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Yelp, email…the list keeps getting longer. Television is almost an anachronism because it isn’t interactive. You gotta go to the station’s web site to interact.

      Social Media Marketing

      Social Media Marketing via Texting

      Yet, despite all this faux communication going on today I believe that many people are thinking less for themselves. For example, let’s take a brief look at the term “Political Correctness”.

      The term is an oxymoronic concept. And, yes, I agree there is a lot of power in words so certain words have a pejorative connotation and they were meant to have a pejorative meaning. Other words, however, gained a nasty connotation and soon became politically incorrect because of the nasty way our minds associate things. In other words, the words don’t hurt people; it is the minds hearing the words that make the negative associations.

      I spent a number of years working with mentally challenged individuals who were for the most part retarded in their thinking processes. These people had a lower capacity to think and their mental development was retarded for a variety of reasons. Before political correctness began to permeate society with its unrealistic desire to sugarcoat very word in the English language the general public referred to people with retarded mental development as retarded individuals.

      When I worked in this field as a caregiver and job coach I was told in no uncertain terms that the staff must refer to our “people” as consumers. Yet, the term was a total misnomer except for the fact that our “clients”, for that’s what they were, consumed public money to provide for their care and feeding.

      The concept of Political Correctness is an insidious by-product of crowd psychology. The Ivy League social scientists decided that no word with negative connotations should be permitted. So, you are not “fat” or obese any longer; you are dimensionally challenged or some other such crap.

      There is an annual contest at the University of Arkansas calling for the most appropriate definition of a contemporary term.

      This year’s term was: “Political Correctness.”

      The winner wrote:

      “Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of shit by the clean end.” As seen on the Net source unknown.

      Government Spin Doctors
      The United States government has developed the art of “spinning” harsh reality into politically correct bromides that the public can easily digest.

      Why is it, for example, that President Obama acts on his apparent belief that he is just one hell of a lot smarter than the American people? Why does he conduct his duties as though our founding fathers’ vision of democracy, our American Constitution and the Declaration of Independence have no relevancy in today’s world?

      This President unites the arrogance of power with the dogmatic thinking of a socialist zealot. As free citizens of the United States of America we are faced with a dangerous mix that puts the freedom of all Americans in jeopardy.

      Our country’s foreign policy, one of intrusive domination in the affairs of sovereign nations, reflects this patronizing, paternalistic view of our place in the world.

      In the late 1930’s a demagogue preached a doctrine of hatred and world domination by the “aryan race”. History shows us that another arrogant, dogmatic thinker played the race AND religion card by appealing to the psychology of the mob.

      As a result of his polemic an entire nation of German sheep succumbed to the leader’s rhetoric and few honest and good men resisted.

      Americans who are fully awake and aware must stand up and resist the tyranny of the United States government. We as a nation are in dire jeopardy of repeating the horrors of history.

      If you are listening America, it is time to wake up and re-assert our Constitutional freedoms.
      It is time for a vote of no confidence in our president and the statists in Congress who believe our government knows better than the people what is good for Americans.

      David Davies

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